If you have read about my winter fitness challenge, you have come to the right place! The purpose of this challenge is to do something fun surrounding the new year and your fitness goals. Sometimes it's tough to challenge yourself to get to the gym the extra time every week, or to stay on track with your weight maintenance or loss. Sometimes we forget how long we've wanted to lose X amount of pounds. Now's your chance, and you can even win $$$! Here are the rules and the steps to the competition!

You'll submit or have me measure your starting weight and your own personal goal. There is a $50 buy in to participate and you'll need to work towards your personal goal for 8 weeks!


There are two ways to win at the end of the 8- Week Challenge:
1. Overall winner is the person who has the largest amount of weight loss (measured by percentage of bodyweight). The winner receives 50% of the totally entries for the challenge. So if 10 people participate, the winner gets $250!
2. If you accomplish your personal goal, you get the remaining half of your money back. 

To Participate:
Step 1. Go to Mindbody and make an account
Step 2. Go to the Mindbody Online Store and select/checkout Winter Challenge $50
Step 3. Fill out the form below.
Step 4. Work hard for 8 weeks!
Step 5. Cross your fingers you win overall and make sure to meet your personal goal!

Name *
I paid for the Winter Challenge on Mindbody *
Be as specific as possible. I can help you come up with a good personal goal if you aren't sure.
Lying is for cheaters. Don't cheat, don't lie.
I just emailed you a photo of my scale. *