Check out Lucie Wicker's Boston Marathon 2014 photo project!

Check out Lucie Wicker's Boston Marathon 2014 photo project!

About Erica. 

Erica Soma has been personal training in the Boston area for six years. Erica’s approach to personal training is research and evidence based and focused on her academic achievements in exercise science. She has her BA in Exercise Science from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and her MS in Exercise Science, Physical Activity, and Public Health from Northeastern University. Erica also has two published research papers in the realm of metabolic testing and exercise during pregnancy.

Erica works with clients on goals such as weight loss, general fitness, injury prevention, and learning to navigate the gym and strength training. Erica also has experience working with scoliosis, diastasis recti, elderly fitness, and individuals who are visually impaired. She also designs programs for clients interested in training for road races from 5k's to marathons and triathlons. Her other specialties include kettlebells, TRX, VIPR, and Stott Pilates to name a few. Erica also has a unique specialty in working with pre/postnatal clients. Her six years of experience working specifically with pregnant and new moms combined with her experiences interning with Isis Parenting, where she observed over 100 hours of childbirth education classes and researched participants, makes her the most qualified pre/postnatal trainer in Boston. Erica brings together concepts of childbirth, the human body, pilates and postural movement to train every client.

Erica was originally drawn to exercise science and found her way to personal training because of her belief that exercise and wellness were important for sanity and long term health. She always played sports growing up including things like swimming, volleyball, and rowing and as a personal trainer aims to teach others about safely and effectively participating in an exercise program. In her personal time Erica has completed 9 marathons and recently began triathlons with her completion of the Copenhagen 140.6 Ironman Triathlon Summer of 2016. She also often participates in smaller road races, rock climbs, golf, and teaches spin classes at her studio LYFE CYCLE in Roslindale Village.


  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Stott Pilates Mat Training & Pre/Postnatal Workshops
  • Annette Lang Pre/Postnatal Fitness
  • VIPR, Kettlebell, TRX
  • Mad Dogg Spinning
  • AFAA Group Fitness